Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers the costs and losses associated with traveling.
It is a useful protection for those traveling domestically or abroad.
When you buy your air ticket or holiday package from Traverze Travel you have the option of buying Travel Insurance.

Traverze Travel

Benefits of Travel Insurance

  • Medical and Related Expenses
  • Pre-existing illness cover
  • Personal Injury
  • Personal belongings
  • Cancellation, Curtailment and disruption
  • Illness/accident excluding pre-existing conditions
  • Cancellation by airline due to unforeseen civil commotion, strike, riot
  • Traumatic event, death in the family
  • Document loss or theft
  • Accidental death of accidental permanent disability
  • Hijack, Kidnap and Wrongful Detention
  • Political or Natural Disaster

  • Personal liability
  • Luggage cover
  • Repatriation (travel companion/children)
  • Daily Hospital Cash Benefit
  • Termination of permanent employment
  • Compassionate emergency visit
  • Replacement personnel

What determines the cost of Travel Insurance?

  • Age of the person
  • The Length of the Trip, number of days
  • Number of Travelers (family or single person)
  • Purpose of Visit (Business or Leisure)
  • Any Pre-Existing Medical conditions
  • Leisure Comprehensive (Including Pre Existing Condition)
  • Leisure Standard (Exc Pre-Existing Condition )
  • Senior (Exc Pre-Existing Conditions Age 70 to 79 Years)
  • Senior Plus (Exc Pre-Existing Condition Age 80 to 85 years )
  • Business Administrative
  • Business Industrial

Cover based on annual number of days e.g 100, 200 or 300 days.
Every trip is booked and a declaration certificate is issued for the individual travelling.
Premium $2.50 per day per person, minimum Premium $700 per annum.
Luggage Cover @ $0.60 per day.
Personal Accident Cover @ $0.60 per day.
Option to top up number days before expiry.