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Traverze Travel is one of the top travel agents in Zimbabwe and has been in operation since 2003. Our services cover every aspect of business travel so that our clients can concentrate on running their businesses. Our comprehensive travel management systems are designed to make traveling more convenient save time and money. A culture of excellence guides every aspect of our business. We take immense pride in the way we have achieved award winning service standards through a process of continuous staff training and full commitment towards our jobs.











Traverze Travel

One of our core values is flexibility—the ability to adapt, change, and rise to new challenges set forth by our customers.  Our customers are unique and so are their needs.  Execution, on the other hand, is a real measure of our commitment to make outsourcing easy for those who rely on us as a true strategic partner. This requires systems, people and a culture to manage changing demands without missing a beat.


Travel insurance

We process travel insurances in our office which is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, financial default of travel suppliers, and other losses incurred while traveling, either within Zimbabwe or intern…SEE ALL 


Travel Updates

We email frequent travel warnings and advisories to update our customers about current safety concerns and dangers in countries around the world. We take note of things that could potentially affect travel and…Read More 


Credit facility

We have partnered with SkyCred, a registered micro-financier, and are happy to advise that a client’s staff can buy personal tickets, book hotel accommodation, and cruises etc. on credit. Credit facility is for a period of 3-6 mon..Read More 


Emergency Services

We provide assistance when it is needed the most…any time! All our consultants have got laptops with reservation systems at home and are able to assist clients at any given time. There is always a consultant on stand-by…Read More 

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